eLicenser Server Status

Time for them to switch this silly dongle e license. We have been complaining about it for years


This sux big time! I bought Cubase 11 artist on February 22nd, I had to wait for the usb elicenser to be delivered so I waited 5 days for that, just got it delivered today by ups and was so excited to try out the new Cubase only to find out I can’t register the dang software so it won’t even boot up, just says something like “failed to download registration and will now close!” I waited 5 days for the stupid dongle and now will have to wait who knows how long to be able to register the dang software! Bullpoo! Not a happy camper! I’ve always loved Cubase but have not used it since Presonus came out with Studio One! But I just bought a Zoom R24 again and it doesn’t play well with Studio One, I was having no luck being able to get Mackie Control to work but knew it worked well with Cubase 6 AI so figured I’d go back to Cubase, which brought me to Cubase 11, which I thought looked awesome so I bought it knowing that Cubase 6 AI was no longer supported by Steinberg! I’m waiting as patiently as I can, but am getting angrier by the hours that are passing by with no end in sight of being able to use this software!

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Clearly you have little understanding of how IT Admin and support systems work (or should work) in big Enterprises. Most use a tiered priority system for faults depending on how serious the error often ranging from P3 up to to P1 (P1 being the highest priority.) In this situation i.e. total loss of function and access to service for all customers )think of it like the failure of a bank cash machine system… then IT support works around the clock to resolve it and I mean ‘round the clock’. I worked in IT/Telecoms in design, Innovation and implementation but was well aware that a major incident resulted in support guys working through the night,(s) Weekends etc until the fault was fixed. Subsequent investigations would then be carried out to eliminate the cause. Communication with the affected customers was also high priority (even if they could not give a time frame for the fix or give details) but regular updates do, at least, placate reasonable customers. The worry here is Steinberg appear to have failed on both counts. The suspicion is that, since no communication has been forthcoming since Friday, that nothing is being done until Monday. TRhis may well be unfounded and they have been beavering away to fix the problem. Nevertheless the lack of communication, in itself is inexcusable, and , given this has been regular occurrence, on and off for years (albeit never quite as long or serious as this time) is very damaging to Steinberg. The product itself is excellent and going back to Pro 24 /Atari days Steinberg and Cubase has always been my DAW of choice. But the licensing system is as bad as the product is good. There is no excuse or justification for the appalling response from Steinberg on this occasion.


This has absolutely nothing to do if the license resides on a dongle or not.
I got a new PC last week and thanked God for each plugin that was dongled during installation .

I went to install Cubase and tools today on my macbook pro for a new UR22C. Instead I failed, and spent all day fighting the eLicenser software, which keeps intermittently failing to talk to its server. It can do some of the maintenance steps, but fails on others, and fails every single time I try to add a license. I have no other connectivity issues and have fast internet.

There is no indication of the problem and that is unacceptable. I professionally architected and wrote server and distributed software for decades. eLicenser is garbage. It should be able to tell the user what interaction with the server was being attempted when it failed, any applicable address, port, protocol data, and what errors occurred at the very least. Failure to do this simply makes it a nightmare for the user to diagnose and there is no excuse.

Googling only tells me I am far from alone with this issue, but unlike most, I am not on Windows here.

Well here’s a thought. Instead of allowing a user to spend all day fighting your server issues without any indication as to the actual problem, maybe you could build the slightest bit of empathy into the software by giving the user details about the operation that failed, the server it was talking to, the protocol or port it was using, the error codes that occurred, anything beyond your generic server connection failure message that made me keep trying different things all bloody day. What do you think, would you maybe want understanding customers instead of the appropriately outraged customers like myself?!? Huh?

I am also having trouble updating my license! practically my installations are useless :confused:

error 2|690x465

I guess I am gonna just remove it… it’s like a bloatware atm

Server is up and about people :slight_smile:

I bought a Cubase and trying to activate but it says ‘a connection to the license server could not be established.’ Is there someone who knows how to fix this?

I activate my license !!!
everything it’s ok
Thanks for Steinberg

Worked for me as well. At last. Thanks to the poor guy who had to deal with this ****

Yep, all working now.

Confirmed server is working for me as well

Hopefully Steinberg can change some things to minimise the frustration experienced in such episodes when they happen in the future

Latest update:

February 28, 2021

10:00 AM CET
The eLicenser License Server has re-started operations under close monitoring after having passed a stress test last night. We are optimistic that the situation is back to normal now, but of course, we stand by to react should further problems occur.

License server outages – Steinberg Support
License Server Outage - Announcements - Steinberg Forums


Yes! Yes! Yes!
What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.)))

Wait is better than blame :pray:
Thanks Steinberg for your solution and moreover on Sunday !

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You do realize…We’re all a bunch of 'Whiny Little Bi#$*es!':crazy_face:
I’m just sayin, that being said, and having said that.

The only thing that surprises me about this post is that you say you raised a ticket and had a response. I have to wait three months for any of my tickets to be answered!

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Maybe your mails got stock in the server :joy:

The server is up, so I’ll close this topic.