elicenser servers down?

Sorry to post here, but cannot access My Steinberg or activate a product using elicenser, so wanted to check whether the steinberg servers are down? (main website working fine, just account servers and elicenser). Could someone very kindly confirm? Have tried local telephone support, but not there for another hour or so, and being trying all morning, and cannot use My Steinberg to contact support!!

Can confirm, have not been able to log into the user area and my eLicenser control center can’t connect to the servers.

Currently, some servers are undergoing maintenance; this should affect license activations through eLicenser Control Center.

Not sure about the MySteinberg website, though.

Many thanks for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this, I was going crazy :laughing: . I read there is a licence server down issue in the ‘News’ section now. But I spent all morning trying to register software on a new PC…sigh! I thought it was a Windows 10 issue or some other Gremlin in the works.

Please watch this topic for status updates.

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for the update, and just to confirm that trying to access MySteinberg, after inputing username and password, brings up a “No Server Reachable” message. This has been the case all day so far.

Hi Dirk,

Any update would be appriciated. Understand people are doing all they can but any kind of time frame for this issue to be fixed. Purchased Halion 5 yesterday as i require it and its practically useless and time is ticking?. just need to know if i should look elsewhere.

thanks in advanced.

Failed hardware is being replaced; lost data is being restored; crashed software is being rebooted; I’m expecting the system to be online in a couple of hours… Sorry for all the inconvenience this unexpected failure is causing :frowning:

Thanks for taking time to reply. appricate it. i hold on. good luck,

Hi Dirk,

Any further updates on progress?

Hello all!

i know you guys are working hard to get this fixed but as you can imagine it is very frustrating for some.

any info at all on progress? just some interaction could help!

Thanks :slight_smile:

also… anyone else find this ironic?

The backup/repair scripts are running at full speed already, unfortunately there is no way to speed up the process any further.

As far as I know, the system is expected to be up and running sometime tomorrow morning.

Sorry that it’s taking longer than expected…

No…can you explain the irony?

Not what i want to hear but i’ll take it.

is there any other way to activate my Cubase artist 8.5?

FML!!.. It’s taken me ages to get all the kit and caboodle together after using the trial of cubase 8 3 months ago after not touching cubase since the SX days, left it until could afford it, finally off work this week and have the new mac, monitors, keyboard. First of all got cubase Tuesday which was retailers fault now this so still can’t use it.

This is like the best ever planned coke wan* but forgetting to get the porn! I hate my life right now, I also have a copy of Logic which I’ve always refused staring at me from the bottom of the office!!! I’m fighting the temptation but I’m loyal, chop chop ffs. Was there no redundancy for this kind of problem??

Loyalty to Steinberg is strong from most however I couldn’t find this info out until someone posted it as a reply to my problem. It took me over 6 hours of pissing about last night and this because it was hard to find the answer to my question, which was quite a fundamental issue to anyone finally receiving their porn at £350 a pop. How would you feel if you done the samebut all the pages were stuck together ? chop chop

I find it really hard to believe there aren’t redundant license servers…that’s crazy.

Surely such a technically motivated company - could have had a notification at the time of purchasing stating and confirming - “Please do not proceed with your purchase at this time because of technical issues related to the license server outage” - “You will not be able to activate your purchase until further notice - sorry for any inconvenience”

And you have never had a bad day in your life? Never called in sick because you were?

Sometimes shizz happens.

IMO best just to let go of the stress and take a deep breath. It works for me in situations much more stressful than a delay of a server…

Just sayin.

Sincerely wish you the best for you and yours. :slight_smile:

Did Steinberg go on the cheap and use Microsoft Access for their database?