eLicenser shuts off when Cubase 12 starts up

I have been getting intermittent errors on Cubase 12 startup saying “Some content cannot be loaded…” relating to some Halion content I have a license for. Cubase still seems to function ok, except sometimes using Halion there are problems showing all the instruments.

I tried running the eLicenser Control Center program and it had problems. I found I could fix the problem by unplugging the USB eLicenser and then plugging back in. I then noticed that sometimes when starting Cubase, the USB eLicenser that normally has a red light the oscillates from dim to bright would appear to get “stuck” with only a steady glow and no oscillation of the light intensity.

I have observed the eLicenser in its normal oscillation when I start Cubase, then it goes to that steady glow in the startup process and I get the error message that content cannot be loaded.

I am running Cubase Pro 12.0.30 on an iMac with macOS Monterey 12.4 and M1 chip.

Is this a problem with my specific eLicenser or is it a problem with Cubase?

I think this points to either a malfunctioning USB Elicenser, or USB port. Not Cubase, Halion or the ELC.

Have you tried reinstalling the latest elicense software.

I had something similar for a while but i selected a different USB port in my hub and reinstalled elicense and performed maintenance.

I have exact the same problem; when starting Cubase Pro 12 or any of the other dongle-less Steinberg apps (SL9, WL11.1, N12) I get an error notification telling that the system can’t find the licenses that still are on the USB dongle (Halion 6, VST Connect 5.5 etc.).
If I pull out and then put back the dongle the problems are gone for the moment.
Next time I start the computer and fire up Cubase I often get the same error message…
I have reinstalled the latest eLLC and tried different USB slots, to no avail.

Why is it that the OS can’t find the dongle every time, only some?

(MacOS Monterey, Mac Studio Max (M1 processor), UA Apollo x8p)



I should add that the dongle shines a healthy red light all the time…