eLicenser support for multiple versions on different computers

Hi there,

I have Cubase 7 installed on an older computer, and would like to be able to keep using it, due to compatibility issues with older 3rd party VSTis.
I just purchased a Cubase 10 license upgrade, and plan to install it on a new computer.
My worry before installing C10, is that my C7 will stop working on the other computer (with the eLicenser plugged into it - I’m not asking about multiple licenses or eLicensers, just about the one license which I could move between the computers, as required).

Should I worry, or not?
(sorry for bugging other users with this, I believe this is a question I should be able to ask an actual official support person)

Your Cubase 10 license should cover your previous versions of Cubase.

It will for sure, I run a bunch of older versions on my C10 licence.

Thanks a lot, I needed certainty before I leaping.
The new version installed now on the new computer, and the older version still works on the older comp!

Can anyone suggest how to configure this? I just upgraded to run Cubase 11 on a windows 10 machine but I still need to use 8 on a windows 7 machine from time to time. NOw that the e-license key has been flashed for 11, it no longer works for 8.

That is not really probable. More likely you’re trying to run a different Cubase derivative than your current license. E.g Pro, Artist, Le, Ai

Make sure you have updated the eLicenser on the windows 7 machine.


Thx Steve but nope, they’re both Cubase Pro. One’s 8, the other’s 11.

Thx Mr_Beer. Working on that. The cubase server for that is down.