Elicenser System finger print not valid


After an reinstallation I get the following error message every time I start up Cubase: “Your system finger print not valid valid anymore.”

I have tried to uninstall elicencer and reinstall (it allready was the latest version, new win 10 install)

I have figured out that if I run eLCC.exe as administrator I’m able to run “Repair soft elicenser”, but the next time I start Cubase I get the error again.

I have run a compatility tool in win10 and set eLCC.exe to be run as administrator at every run (I think :wink: )

If I reboot and start elicenser controll panel, everything is ok. If I close and open Cubase I get the error.

It’s Granular Guitars and Zero Gravity that it registrated as Soft-eLicenser.

It doesn’t prevent me from running anything, but it’s an annoing nag screen

Any help?



Use eLCC Helper to force eLCC to create a new Soft-eLicenser Number.