Elicenser timing out

I bought the new Voice of the wind VST earlier. I can get the activation code in the steinberg download assistant, but when trying to activate the licence the eLicenser just freezes, and then says the activation can’t be completed. It will also only run stage one of maintenance and fails thereafter…

I have no other issues at all, I have downloaded and installed something from Spitfire on the same machine at the same time. My network settings and internet connection are fine.

Running windows 10 pro, Cubase 11 Pro. I’ve looked at the event logs, it looks like it could be an issue with their Azure AD, seems to be refusing the connection.

Anyone else experiencing issues with eLicenser at the moment.?

Anyone from Steinberg care to comment? I’ve paid for the software and I want to use it, rather than being stumped by your rather ridiculous licensing procedures.