Elicenser to ILOK How to move

A little confused here! When I installed the Dorico 4 upgrade it installed the licence to ELicenser dongle, I didn’t seem to get a choice of storing the licence to ILOK. How do I move the Dorico 4 licence to ILOK and off the Elicenser?

Thank you, and sorry for the confusion on my part!

Dorico 4 uses an entirely software-based license, accessed via Steinberg Activation Manager. You may have needed the elicenser dongle to validate the upgrade from a previous version of Dorico to Dorico 4, and you may still require the elicenser dongle and/or iLok to run VSTs in Dorico 4, but you need neither the elicenser dongle nor iLok to run Dorico 4.

To run Dorico 4 on other computers, install it, run Steinberg Activation Manager and give it your Steinberg username and password. Beyond that it’s self-explanatory (and you now have three seats per license rather than the previous single seat).

Thank You so much I am no longer confused, well not with Dorico licensing! With the rest of life, totally!! Haha.