eLicenser too old- can't activate WaveLab Elements 11

Please help, upon opening WL Elements 11 after updating, I entered the activation code and a message appeared saying my eLicenser was too old and to download the latest version. I did so and the same message appeared! So I did it again and the same result! Why is Steinberg stuck in the Jurassic Age with respect to licenses etc? They make it an absolute nightmare for non-computer savvy people. So how can I fix this problem? I can’t even find my eLicenser listed in My Products on my Steinberg account page. Yet when I open the eLicenser Centre, it’s there. And my Cubase and older version of WL work fine, so my eLicenser dongle is operational. Yet when I install the latest version of the eLicenser, it still tells me it’s old and out-of-date!!! This is so frustrating! Please help!!!

Wavelab 11.1 Updates no longer use the eLicenser System, but our new Steinberg Licensing management. The Download Access Code is redeemed in the “Steinberg Download Assistant” application. You can download the Steinberg Download Assistant here: Get Your Steinberg Product | Steinberg

Thanks Felipe, I already have the Download Assistant and can see where I can redeem the download access code… but where do I actually get this code? I have no idea, thanks Steve B.