Elicenser - Transfer from one dongle to another

My elicenser dongle had a plastic piece break off the top. It’s still readable but i bought a new one to be safe. I have them both plugged in and elicenser software launched but it doesn’t let me drag and drop between the two. How do i get licenses transferred from one to the other? Thanks!


It should be just drag and drop. Is the computer connected to the internet?

What happens when you try to drag and drop?

I can highlight the items in the elicense software butit doesn’t allow mt to drag them or move them anywhere.

A license cannot be moved to another eLicenser, if it is currently being used by an application.
So you need to ensure that Cubase etc. is not running, using the license.

So once I shutdown cubase I should be able to drag/drop licenses?

That would be a valid assumption.

You can check whether your license is currently being used:
eLCC will show an “Application-Instances” count written on the license, as soon as any program is using that license.

Also, you can simply start dragging the license to see if it is currently being transferable.
If the license is not transferable, you wouldn’t be able to “grab” it with the mouse/cursor in the first place.