eLicenser Trouble

Haven’t been able to find anyone with the same issue on the forum.

I’ve bought a new computer and am attempting to reactivate Dorico on it. To do this I understand I need to register my soft eLicenser with my My Steinberg account, but when I try to do this the page tells me it’s already been registered with another user account, which I didn’t do.

Any ideas?

Go to the “My Products” tab of your mySteinberg account. Check if Dorico is already there, registered to a soft elicenser. (If you registered on the old computer, it should already be there.)

If it’s not there, contact support–something is up.

If Dorico is already there, click on the product which will reveal its details and click on the button “Software Reactivation”–this will lead you through activating the soft e-licenser on your new computer.

Any chance you have more than one Steinberg account?


Aha. It’s not under the My Products tab. I’ve contacted Support

I have a similar problem, bought a new computer,I simply want to activate cubase on the new computer…i have the purple elicencwr usb stick,when I tried to do it, a warning said it was already being used on another computer,can a guy not have it installed on 2 computers and just move the USB stick back and forth when needed? Help?!

If you already have a Cubase license on your USB-eLicenser, you don’t need to do any activation on the new computer: just plug the USB-eLicenser in and run Cubase. If the license is on the USB-eLicenser, Cubase will use it.

If you’re still having problems, go to ‘MySteinberg’ and submit a support ticket, and the support team will be happy to help you.