Elicenser unhappy and blocking Cubase 9 to 11 upgrade

I just bought an upgrade from Cubase Elements from 9 to 11 and when I try to install the elicenser complains that the “license wasn’t created on this computer”. Cubase was probably installed on a different user space on this computer but it was the same machine. This cropped up about six months ago when I bought a copy of Wavelab but downloading the installer directly from the website convinced the elicenser to allow install. Not so with the Cubase upgrade.

Does anyone know a way to convince the elicenser to allow the install? I’ve opened a ticket with Steinberg support but haven’t had a response in four days. Does anyone know what their usual response time is?
Thanks for any suggestions

I am also trying to upgrade from 9 to 11.
How did you do this I cannot find an upgrade link?