eLicenser update 6.12.1

Latest eLCC 6.12.1 (30 April 2020). There are important fixes in it (especially for Mac).

Confirmed, this fixes a number of errors on Catalina (makes no difference on Win10 1909, that always worked).

Until now, I’d thought this was the fault of the DAW vendors in not recognising Synopsos /security settings. But no, now that the update is installed, all works as it should. eg: 1) Logic had problems in loading Steinberg VIs, the temporary fix was to open the eLicenser first & run in the background. 2) UA’s new DAW ‘Luna’ would not run any Steinberg plugs (no Synopsos showing for Luna in Security prefs at all); now opens all plugs as it should.


I also strongly recommend to update the eLCC especially on Mac.

https://help.uaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043151071 Was takne donw by Steinberg, still problems with Catalina, Logic UA Luna etc.

Can anyone please share the eLicenser version 6.12.1 (osx version) ?
I really wanna try that version cause i have issues with some Vengeance plugins giving e-licenser errors and
like them to be solved.
I am not a user of Luna.
I am on Catalina 10.15.4, e-licenser 6.11.



I wanted to update to the latest version, because cubase didnt work until i update elicenser, but I Installed the latest version according to steinberg.net
but this is not the latest: Where can I found the latest version? Please help me. Thanks

the “selfupdate” uses the latest automatically