eLicenser Update Failed

I updated my Cubase 11 from Cubase 6.
When I open “eLicenser Control Center” and was doing “Online Synchronization & Maintenance”, some problems occurred. (See Attachment)
There are 6 steps in the maintenance details, and the “Step 1 (updating eLicenser database)” and “Step 6 (sending eLicenser information)” were FAILED.
How can I do to solve this problem?

I had the same problem. This worked for me : right click on “eLicenser Control Center” and run as administrator. Then click the maintenance button and run it. Turn off your VPN if you’re using one.

I have the same problem. Running it as a admin doesn’t help. Now I can’t upgrade my Cubase!

You need to upgrade elicenser. Also go to your purchased software and verify the serial number.

Hello. Had the same problem and solved it from Steinberg’s E-licenser download page. Click the latest e-license download box. No need to delete the existing one. It should solve it.