eLicenser update for Cubase 6.0.7?

Hello. I recently download and opened SX3 to retrieve and save to Cubase 6. I download an eLicense version that a Forum member suggested. It worked. Now I can’t open Cubase 6.9.7 or Wavelab 7 due to an eLicense conflict. Should I go back and download the latest from the eLicenser.net site?

Short answer: Yes. In addition to that, I think SX3 should still work…

Excuse me, that was Cubase 6.0.7. Just went to the eLicense site and downloaded the latest version.
During maintenance part I got a warning:Validating Locense Usage Periods. Communication problem occured while accessing the license server.Please try again after downloading and installing the latest, etc.Cubase and Wavelab still won’t open. Nor Cubse Sx. On the eLicenser site I can see both Wavelab and Cubase listed at bonifiee license. Still nothing.

Been dicking around the eLicenser site. Did more maintenance. Had it renew terms. Did everything I could find. This time Cubase 6 loaded. Now I’ll have to try Sx3 and see what happens. Thanks for responding.