elicenser usage problem


I am using midi guitar converters as Fishman Triple Play or Midi Guitar 2, and using Steinberg extensions I bought (Groove Agent5, Halion 6) from these App as VSTs.
All this runs on a dedicated computer and this computer is connected to an USB hub where the USB e-licenser is plugged.
All the audio output of these midi apps is directed to an USB output device sending its audio to a mix table.

But now I need to record with my Cubase 10.5 Pro, and to do it, I installed Cubase on a second computer, dedicated to recording in order to avoid the load of the 'midi guitar softwares.

But here, there is a problem with my e-licenser, it is already required by the ‘midi’ computer and I can’t run Cubase.

I am using all my software on a single computer but with 2 instances, each using different software, it seems to be compatible with the license agreement ?

Anybody with a solution ?

are you saying you want to leave the elicenser in the 1st computer then run Cubase on a 2nd computer? because that isn’t possible.

You can run Cubase on any computer you want as long as you plug the elicenser in that computer and have all the required software.

Sorry, I am not saying this, may be my english is bad or…
I am saying that I have bought products and I can’t use them due to this physical problem : one USB licenser and 2 computers.

it shouldn’t be a problem if you have all your licenses on your usb. Have you checked they are on your usb and not as soft licenses ?

No, he has two computers, one computer runs all the instruments and the other one runs the audio.

The only solution is: Buy another dongle and new licenses for all DAWs and plugins that are tied to your current dongle. Welcome to the beauty of dongle based software.

No that is not the only solution, you can move licenses from one dongle to another.
You can use some low resource vst host for the plugins.

ah ok …

so yes like you suggest. Buy 1 more dongle, and move so

1 dongle with Cubase

1 dongle with instruments

Yes but he can still only use Cubase on 1 computer at a time.

You can only use Cubase on 1 computer at a time unless you have 2 dongles and 2 licenses

I don’t need to use Cubase on the 2 computers, only the recording one.
It seems that the only solution is to invest 20€ in another USB e-licencer and then move Halion and Groove Agent to this new e-licenser.
Buying another Halion and Groove Agent 5 license could be avoided because I don’t need them when registering so I can run pure Cubase with its SE versions.
The VST waltz :frowning:
Not perfect.

One last question : what if I connect the 2 USB e-licenser on the same computer ? Are we limited to one USB e-licenser by computer ?

No you can use 2 dongles on one computer, that is fine.

Thank you for the precision.
Another e-licenser question : if I have 2 cubases licenses, each on one e-licenser, is there a problem if I invert the licensers for existing projects ?

As an aside aren’t there soft license versions of Halion available now?