eLicenser vs iLok - Reducing down time?

Hey guys this is both a question and an observation. I’ve always feared the day, i would have too much to do be up and down travelling miles, doing sessions and forget my eLicenser well it happened and really put a dent into today’s productivity going back was not an option that would take at least 4 hours out of the day, the artist i was booked in with was only available at this time :cry:

On my iLok i have a “Zero Downtime” option which allows you to get temporary licenses in your account for about 2 weeks i have used this before and it has saved me from having to cancel waiting for replacements! Is an option similar to this available with eLC? if not Steinberg or the Licenser company are really missing an opportunity and causing a huge inconvenience to their customers! I would pay for this feature I do not want the embarrassment or waste of time!

With how small and unassuming the key is; it is almost inevitable that at some point even the most responsible people will make a mistake with it, and at busy times it really doesn’t help to have this extra liability!

I hope there is a solution i have over looked. The huge shame is those who use cracked versions will probably not face this problem! :imp:


we don’t have the same service, but we can supply Temporary licenses for your registered products.

You will need an empty USB-eLicenser for this.

Please, send an e-mail to info(sb)steinberg.de to my attention, I will take care of this.

I see the thread has been moved, so I’m going to PM you.