eLicenser was already registered by another user

hey guys.

i tried to use the new VST Transit feature in cubase 8.5
after logging to my steinberg acount via the vst transit, it asks me to come up with a nickname, thd accept terms, but when i do that, cubase tells me that my eLicenser is not registered to my account.

when i go to my account and try to register it, it says that that eLicenser was already registered by another user.
my MySteinberg acount user name is “JordPod” by the way, not JordProd1 (that one i use for the forum, because i cant access the steinberg forum with the JordProd acount, thats another issue)
The eLicenser is not registered to that account. i dont remember having any other steinberg account.

how can i re-registrer my eLicenser?


can you drop me a mail? m.spork (at) steinberg.de
Send me all your details.

  • USB eLicencer Number
    –> which contains your Cubase 8.5 licence
  • Your email which is used for your MySteinberg Account


I have sent a PM with some MySteinberg account specific info. Regarding the forum: this is totally unrelated to MySteinberg as we do not use the same login for both anyway.

@spork, I just registered but am having the exact same issue as above. I opened up a support ticket, but could really use help sooner versus later. I can’t PM yet because I’m new. Please Help


… we are working on it. Please be patient.


Please wait for the support ticket to be answered. Emailing Steinberg employees directly, won’t speed up the process - especially if you are in the US and try to get it solved in Germany. Thank you for your understanding!