Elicenser will not work on new upgrade


I think I’m going to lose my mind!
My elicenser is saying there is no upgradable license to choose from when I enter my activation code.
It’s then telling me to put in a USB-elicenser in which I obviously don’t have since I downloaded my upgrade from LE to Cubase elements 9.5 and was sent all relevant information via email.
Nothing is showing up on my Steinberg account showing this purchase, just my old cubase 5LE.
when I try to open the DAW elements 9.5 it’s saying no valid license found.
when I start the license activation from there it takes me back around the same circle and I end up where I started, on the elicenser page. It’s giving me the 20 digit soft elicenser number on the left column but when I enter that on mysteinberg page its saying there is no software found on this eLicenser.
It’s truly infuriating. Can anyone help?


First, make sure that you have the latest eLicenser Control Center installed:

Then click “Maintenance” to the top right of the program. After that, click Register.

The upgrade you should have bought is called “Upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Sequel”, from this page:

Are you sure that you bought the right one?

I had to install an older elicenser, despite having Windows 7, because the newer version, which claims to work with Windows 7, said it would not once it was downloaded.
Also, I went through the maintenance sequence, numerous attempts, but to no avail.
I went through all the steps, meticulously, and it appears something was not processed on their end.
I downloaded the correct upgrade.
I’ve contacted Steinberg for help but that will probably be days.

Which error did you get? The latest eLicenser Control Center is working fine here.

You can log into your shop account from here. It will list all of your past purchases:

Does it list the correct upgrade? I believe it should say “Cubase Elements 9.5 Update from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Sequel”.

I figured it out. I had to reactivate my Cubase 5 LE license and get it onto the new elicenser so that it could be upgraded. It worked!

LOL, I spoke too soon. Now the actual program won’t load. Maybe I’ll need to download it again because it starts to open and then stops within 3 or 4 seconds and goes off. I’ll have t try tomorrow, I’ve been at it for hours! :weary::weary::weary: