eLicenser Windows 10 2004 issues anyone?

eLicenser Windows 10 2004 issues anyone? Yesterday my computer upgraded to Windows 10 2004 edition, now the “soft-eLicenser is altered in an unrecoverable way” and is red in the eCC control app, wont do anything anymore

You can fix this by running the eLL with elevated administrative privileges and then repair stuff

I had a version of Spectralayers and Padshop pro and I just upgraded to SpectraLayers 6 and Padshop 2 just after upgrading to Windows 2004.
I have not been able to activate these two new products.
I see this:

I called support again and got this fixed using an application called ‘elc-installation-helper.exe’
Both Spectralayers 6 and Padshop 2 work fine now and ARA works in my DAW and integration with Sound Forge 14 works.

I had the same error message but I ran maintenance, closed and reopened eLCC and it went away.