eLicenser Windows 10 issues

Hello everyone,
I can’t get into Cubase as I can’t get past the installer. everything was working last wee, but I read that I now needed to uninstall the installer and download the latest one - I have done that and restarted but when I double click on the Cubase icon it says it is installing something, and just hangs, until I press cancel, then that hangs instead, and I have to use task manager to quit Cubase.
Please help! I just wanted to play a bit of keyboards I just made up, and save the file, then go out… but yet more Cubase problems - shall I persevere or just go back to Logic?! Now I’m late!
Thanks Justin

If you are using a Steinberg audio interface, then update the drivers.

Thanks Peakae, I am using a Steinberg interface and I have downloaded the latest drivers, that is running fine when I play an mp3. I just can’t get into Cubase. I don’t understand what it is trying to install. I have also uninstalled and re-installed the serial / key software which has all the information in it for me to get into my software.
I feel like getting my old 4 track out