eLicenser wiped

My usb eLicenser has apparently been wiped/broken. Working on a project i got the no license found error message. Closed Cubase and got the same issue upon startup.

Then reinstalled/updated eLicenser software. The device is still showing no licenses (Cubase 8, 9, Aruria V colection). The device is not showing in the eLicenser software.

Upon trying to reactivate the license using activation code, the software says not possible as the licenses are upgrades from previous version. Stupidly in hindsight I left the 7.5 on an older dongle which is broken and long gone. I have retained receipts for proof of purchase of earlier versions.

Quite a situation. Where do i begin trying to fix this? I can’t seem to find email support anywhere on the steinberg website.

If you log into the “MySteinberg” part of the website you can submit an official support request. Unfortunately, you’ll likely be waiting for a long time for an answer. I’m coming up to a week with no response. If you go to the Steinberg FB page, you’ll see individuals are waiting around a month after sending a support request, with no response from Steinberg.

Good luck anyway. Hope you can get it working somehow.

Look here