eLicenser with Elements 7 and 8

I have Elements 7 running on either of two old iMacs with a USB dongle e-Licenser.
I have a new iMac that requires Elements 8.

If I install an update Elements 8 on the new iMac on the Dongle, with that lock out the Elements 7 on the other iMacs.
Or do I have to buy a stand alone Elements 8 for the new iMac and leave the dongle for the Elements 7 iMacs.
I hope this make sense
Thank you


With Cubase 8 license, you can run Cubase 8. So update your Elements 7 license to Elements 8. On the new iMac, install and use Cubase Elements 8. On the old system, you are still able to use Cubase Elements 7 with this license.

You can run all previous versions of Cubase Elements with a Cubase Elements 8 license. The same goes for a Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro license, you can run all previous versions of these DAWs. With a Cubase Pro license you can even run Cubase SX1 from 2002.

Sorry to hijack this thread but it’s somewhat related. I am aware that I can run earlier “top of the line” Cubase 7, 6, 5 etc. with my Cubase 8 Pro license. But is it possible to also run the current, budget versions of Cubase 8 (Artist 8 and Elements 8)?

I believe so. Well, I have to use my dongle to use Cubase LE5 on another computer to help others with issues.

Not sure where you would download the versions tho.


Yes, you can run all smaller derivative with your license. So with Cubase Pro license, you can run all Cubase derivatives.

Not sure the previous responses are taking the shared installs into account.

Because Pro and Artist use the same installer and only the license governs the available features you actually can not run Artist on a full license. It will automatically open Pro.

The same applies to Elements, LE & AI. You should automatically be running Elements on this installer if you have a full license.

Yes, you are right.

There are some special cases when you have Cubase Artist retail license + Cubase Pro Trial…

My answer was more like “in theory”, but you are right, in praxis, it works this way.

That’s unfortunate. The reason I ask is that I have a friend who owns either Artist or Elements (can’t remember which off the top of my head) but we’ve only been working together, using my gear so far and it just occured to me that, if I could restrict myself to his feature set it’ll mean we can work separately and exchange files without worrying about compatibility issues. Not to worry, we’ve coped so far. Thanks

In the case he has Cubase Elements, it will work.