Elicenser with Multiple Codes?

I’ve got 2 Steiny products and 2 eLicenser dongles. I understand the the dongles can hold multiple activation codes and what I’d like to do is copy each individual code to the other key so that, in the event that I lose one, I’ve got a backup dongle with that fully activated. If possible, how can I accomplish this?


No allowed, that would mean you’d have two licences for each product.

You can only copy either one to one of the others and have a spare dongle if one falls apart!!!

That sounds like what I want to do, sort of. I don’t want to have 2 dongles sticking out of my laptop when I use both Cubase and Wavelab at the same time. This is allowed, yes? I’m not trying to gain any additional licenses but just free up my USB ports for other devices. Of course I’ll use the spare dongle only if I lose/damage my original one.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

This seems to be the closest thread to a question I also have -

Is there a way to get some kind of insurance or more preferably an activation backup if my dongle dies completely and unexpectedly? I’m worried about lost work time, and also do not want to have to buy a second copy on a second dongle just for such an event…

Is there like a protection system like what ilok has?

You can purchase a blank dongle, and in the unlikely event that your licensed dongle dies, send it (licensed dongle) to Steinberg for a replacement (including any licenses stored on the defunct key) since the website “knows” what you have purchased.

While you are waiting you can download the latest Steinberg trial version of Cubase with a license issued by email and use it in the mean time free of charge for up to 30 days.

If you are using Nuendo, the project will be compatible.

Service doesn’t get better than that IMV.

Yes but it may be too expensive for most users.

Steiny would say: just simply buy another license.
(or take two,they are small) :slight_smile:

Consider it like buying another seat on a plane just for your guitar.

Expensive but it is the most cautious and protected situation.


Sick of those feckin dongle thingies so I bought a USB hub. Don’t work with C6 (and probably not Wavelab) but some of your dongles will work via a hub. Reason does I believe, as does Reason Record. USB hubs are really cheap too so won’t drain your wallet too much :sunglasses: