Elicenser with two computers running different versions of Wavelab

I primarily do my audio work on a PC running Windows 10, but I also have an old MacBook Pro running OSX El Capitan that I will occasionally use for remote work. My Mac is an old one and can no longer upgrade to the newest Mac OS which means it is now stuck on Wavelab 9.5 while my PC is running 10. When I inserted my elicenser into my Mac recently to run Wavelab 9.5 I was told that it was running in trial mode and I only have 24 hours left to use it. Is there a way to have the license for both 9.5 and 10 on my elicenser so I can continue to do work on my Mac, or do I need to purchase an additional copy of Wavelab?

Try updating the eLicenser app on the mac maybe

Thanks Paul! That appears to have fixed the issue.

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