ELicenser won't accept Dorico Free license number

Dear Mkok.
It’s just I’m trying to get my head around all of this - I’ve gone from thinking ‘there must be SOMETHING like this out there’ to being swamped by possiblities in one morning and I’m kinda trying to get the hang of all the different possibilities. I can get noise outta Plogue Bidule, which I’d never heard of and fell over by chance 2 hours ago, and I’ve got the demo version of Metaplugin which seems to be a FAR better (and FAR cheaper!!) version of Bidule, but I’m still wrapping my head around it… I love writing tunes but all this science makes my brain, such as it is, crawl out my ear!

Anywa, Mkok, got a ghastly question for you, sorry! Just pretend you had something like - for argument’s sake - Omnisphere (which I don’t KNOW if it’s multi or monotimbral, but pretend it’s mono.) If you wanted 8 Omnisphere sounds in your track, wouldn’t it use up hugely more memory to have 8 instances of the Omnisphere player than one instance with 8 sounds in it? And I know you say you like them on separate tracks cos it makes them easier to control but the bit that gets me as a MIDI composer is chords. If you’ve made A Unified Sound by layering the 8 Omnisphere sounds together, by having each instance on its own track you’d have to put in each note 8 times over, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t that be 8 times slower than being able to blend all 8 notes IN one instance of Omnisphere and just have ONE MIDI stave playing the whole conjoined bunch at once as One Sound?

That’s why I tend to flog the Korg M1 to death on my pieces, cos I can blend the sounds in the Korg Emulator and use one MIDI track to play the whole layered bunch! And you’re right, Mkok, I WAS kinda hoping to make a mono synth multitimbral through the back door. Dang!! But it’s still lovely to be able to blend sounds from different VSTs in one box and output the blended sound to one stave. Not great at doing it yet cos I’ve only had it a couple of hours but wow!! Question I’d love you to answer, Mkok, as you’re the expert here and I’m trying to learn, don’t you find it really slow inputting the same note over and over again on different sound-staves?

Maestro, Vienna Ensemble Pro’s even more jaw-dropping, it can link whole COMPUTERS together. I’d never even HEARD of any of these things before coming here - talk about hitting the right forum - but I’ll sure look at that. Think it MIGHT be a tad overkill for now, though! But it’s wonderful knowing about it. I’m going to practice linking .DLL VSTs together first before buying a bunch more PCs! (I know Vienna’s prob. the best of the lot but that would also prob. make it the most complicated so I think I’m gonna start off simple… I like simple… I’m a piano’n’synths New Age (AARGH!! the others cry!) kinda guy…!!

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