Elicenser won't start on Win 10

Hi I am unable to start the Cubase 11 demo as the elicenser control center is not working. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling (with Admin privileges).

Tried rebooting, removing and inserted my key.

The app starts to load but before any of the information is populated in the interface it just quits with the error if I start it in admin more.

“application lcc2 has caused the following error the id has not been found”

If I start it regularly then there is no error.

I can see synsopos.dll is being loaded.

Cubase 10 and Wavelab 10.5 both load fine though. I just can’t enter in the demo license.

Any ideas?

Is the Elicenser app version ?

Hi thanks yes it is.

I think I don’t quite understand… you cannot enter the activation when you start ELC without admin rights?

Hi it doesn’t load either way. The only difference is that trying to run it in Admin mode gives that error when it crashes.

Well, the only thing I could add here is to ask if you restarted after uninstalling the elc.

Hi yes I restarted and unistalled and reinstalled a few times now.

This is definitely beyond my pay grade, and honestly I’m just guessing- that said I can think of two things to do-

Try the previous version of the elc at https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/elicenser.html

or uninstall the elc again, and make sure it really removed all its files.

One other troubleshooting thing- I noticed with certain devices, though not the usb key, that it was recognized ‘differently’ when it was plugged into the laptop dock I have- a Dell device. It’s a little computer in itself with thunderbolt video outs etc.

I couldn’t modify some wireless Logitech wireless keyboards when the dongle was connected to the the Dell device, which made me think maybe certain flags were not being passed through. In this case, where I have three devices setup to talk to one dongle, the software could not differentiate between them unless I plugged the dongle directly into my computer. So I presume some identifying info needed by the config software was not being sent.

pretty random, but maybe worth the time spent typing it! heh

Thanks, had tried the previous version too, sorry should have mentioned.

I did also try deleting any folders/files I could find on one of the uninstalls before too.

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Ok interesting. I tried in different slot but still same. It does read it correctly when loading Cubase/Wavelab so seems to be recognized ok overall.

Worse case I guess I can run it off another computer to do maintenace tasks.

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great minds etc…

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Just an update, managed to fix this.

Checked out the event viewer and found the cause was a .net error affecting kernalbase.dll.

There’s no way to reinstall .net it seems on Win 10 but I had paused Win 10’s update service so started that and it updated .net to the latest version and the issue is solved.

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Great! Thanks for closing the loop on this.