sorry if this is the wrong forum section for this question but I’m running cubase 4 so this seemed the best place. I recently installed cubase on my new computer ( windows 7 64 bit) and seem to be having a problem with the elicenser USB dongle. With it plugged in the computer very often won’t start up, leaving it unplugged the computer will start but if it’s then plugged in it sometimes disables all external drives. I run acronis nonstop backup and this is then disabled because it can’t find the backup drive. The same dongle worked with no problems for about three years on my last machine (windows XP). Looking in device manager - USB controller sometimes shows an error message with an unknown usb device.
Once again if this is the wrong forum can you point me in the right direction. Many thanks.

You will need to fully remove the drivers but uninstalling the elicenser software and re-installing it.

Thanks bentley, sorry to be a bit lazy but is there anywhere on the steinberg site that can run me through that process.

Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel should do the trick.

Have installed the latest elicense control panel and drivers and so far so good.