Hey folks!!
I’m new to this and got a question for you.
I just installed my cubase artist 7 and entered in my activation code and entered my licenser
We I remove the licenser it say cubase can’t open.then I enter the licenser again go through the process and it says its already been use. But if I keep the licenser in the USB port I can use cubase. if I take it out a error pops up and It won’t let me do anything and closes out.
So I’m wondering do you have to have that licenser in there all the time or is the away that you can licence you software and take it out. I only have to USB port on my Mac and one is used by my interface so if one is used by the licenser I can’t use a mouse. Unless I buy a splitter for the USB.
Anyways please help me solve the issue thanks a lot for your time.
Take care !!!


It sounds like that is what you will need to do.