I wasn’t sure which forum to put this. I have some VSL stuff which I had bought before buying Nuendo. I have both my Nuendo licenses as well as my VSL licenses on the VSL eLicenser.

Can I put them all on the eLicenser that came with Nuendo, and use it as a back up?


Yes you can. Plug both dongles on the computer and then drag and drop your licenses.

Thanx for the response!

i assume you mean, drag from the eLicenser Control Centre, right?

When i drag, a dialogue box says, “Transfer License”, as opposed to “copy license”. Is that what you mean?

What I would like to do is have the licenses on both dongles. Do I have to do the process somewhere else? :confused:



Sorry, but you can’t do that. You can only move a license.

Hmmm! O.K.

Thanx! :slight_smile: