Hi all,

I am a little OCD about making sure that my eLicenser is updated as soon as a new version is available. I usually go to the web page, probably twice a week, and quickly go down to the update section, look at the last 4 digits of the eLicenser version (because that is the number that usually changes) and then update if required.

I noticed that the version appeared to be stuck on 1203 (the last digits of the version) for a few weeks but didnt think anything of it, seeing as how we have have the Christmas holidays.

I noticed today that the version has gone from to and I wonder if anyone has noticed?

Unless I am mistaken (or just plain stupid) this is something new and I wonder if anyone else has noticed this as it surely means that unless we check the FULL version number we wont update when we should?

Maybe an idea would be for Steinberg to let us know when a new update is launched?

Anyway, I would advise all Cubase and Nuendo users to have a look.

Happy new year all,

Jim B

Personally, I don’t think there’s any necessity to update the eLicenser until it’s needed/asked for, typically when installing a new (version of a) Steinberg product.

I don’t think there’s any risk or impact of not updating except for the above scenarios. Some more time saved I can spend on making music :slight_smile:

Based on that, I’ll have the Steinberg installer tell me when I need to update the eLicenser software, no notification needed.

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Read the Release Notes, please. As you can see, last 4 versions were:


If you observe the history, the last 4 digits always stay the same, if the digit before increases.