eLicensing issue // .ALL files


I work in a studio and recently an artist sent me some really old songs, that urgently need new mixing, however, he can’t send me the separate tracks from those songs, because they were made in a really old Cubase version and he can’t open the .ALL files anymore. I read the forums, and tried to get the SX3 version, which I’m not sure that would open those files anyway, however, I can’t register the software because eLicenser says the version I have is too old, which makes no sense, because I downloaded the latest from their website. I searched for this problem and noticed that it wasn’t a usual thing, but happened sometimes, however, none of the solutions that other people provided have solved this. I was hoping that maybe someone could have a new opinion on this or tell me if I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you so much

You might need the info here, though you did not give your system info: https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/information-about-cubase-vst-5x-file-import.html?tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[keyword_search]=Import