eLicensor and registered product serials

Hello there, I was curious if there was a way to know what serial/activation code is being used by a product I have registered in my eLicensor dongle? The product in question is VEP 7, I have two licenses and want to know which of the two is on my dongle. Thanks

I believe that info is in your VSL account.

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. I initially went to the VSL account but that only tells you what serials you have and not what elicensor dongle they are associated with or if they are even registered to a elicensor dongle. It does however tell you if it’s been deposited in an iLok account, which is not useful in this case.

In the Steinberg accounts each dongle is listed by it’s serial number. I guess you’ll have to match them up.

Thanks again for your response Steve. However, doing that and asking it to show “eLicensor based-products” only shows me my Cubase license and nothing else. The eLicensor Control Center application on my computer shows both Cubase and Vienna products on the dongle.

Well, if it’s a VSL license question you will probably be better off asking there.

Unfortunately, I opened up a support ticket with them a week ago about something else but I haven’t heard back.