I am trying to get the student cross-grade price for Dorico. It said that my eligibility would be verified within two business days. I requested a verification on Wednesday and I have yet to hear back. Any way I can get some feedback?

Thank in advance!

Yesterday was a public holiday in Germany, and I guess that the staff who handle the eligibility verification took the opportunity to have a long weekend and didn’t work today, so I would expect to hear from them on Monday. Sorry for the delay!

Thanks for the help Daniel!

Unfortunately, I received an e-mail saying my verification was successful, but when I make the payment, it asks me to verify my eligibility all over again. And as there is no trial version of Dorico at the moment, I can’t even start using the software.

I’ll send you a trial activation code via private message while you’re trying to get this sorted out. I suggest you raise a ticket with the online shop team; hopefully they can get this sorted out for you quickly.