I am trying to get the student cross-grade price for Dorico. It said that my eligibility would be verified within two business days. I requested a verification on Wednesday and I have yet to hear back. Any way I can get some feedback?

Thank in advance!

Yesterday was a public holiday in Germany, and I guess that the staff who handle the eligibility verification took the opportunity to have a long weekend and didn’t work today, so I would expect to hear from them on Monday. Sorry for the delay!

Thanks for the help Daniel!

Unfortunately, I received an e-mail saying my verification was successful, but when I make the payment, it asks me to verify my eligibility all over again. And as there is no trial version of Dorico at the moment, I can’t even start using the software.

I’ll send you a trial activation code via private message while you’re trying to get this sorted out. I suggest you raise a ticket with the online shop team; hopefully they can get this sorted out for you quickly.

Hi Daniel,

I am running into the same problem as Sami here. Keen on using Dorico 3.5, and think I am eligible for Crosscrade+Educational. Sent in my proof of eligibility on the 20th of August, got a mail stating that my verification was successful on the 23rd, but when trying to complete my order I have to proof my eligibility once again. I tried to raise a ticket with the online shop team, but this was not possible because I do not have an order number. For the rest I can not seem to find any contact details to address this problem. Hopefully you can help me out.

I just noticed that you also have a end of summer sale, don’t know how this wil fit into my situation. Hopefully you can help me get into Dorico as soon as possible!

Thanks in Advance!

Sorry to hear you’re having problems buying Dorico, Sjoerd. The End of Summer Sale does not include educational products, I’m afraid, so the educational crossgrade is not eligible for the sale discount, but it’s already very keenly priced.

Normally when there’s a problem with the verification process, it’s because of a change of some kind between when you submitted the verification request and when you come to resume your purchase: if you’re using a different device (e.g. now you’re on your phone, when you started on your computer) or you’re using a different browser, or you’re in a different geographic location. You may find that you need to start the process again, and make sure you can complete the process on the same device in the same location.

Please do open a ticket with the AskNet team – you should be able to enter “No order number” into the required order number field.

If in the meantime you need a time-limited license so that you can continue using Dorico while this is sorted out, please let me know.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. I do see why the promoted sale does not include the educational products, I agree that the discount on the original product is already significant. Yet I am still debating whether to get the product via crossgrade+educational or crossgrade+sale. Am I correct into understanding that the latter does include a grace period for Dorico 4 whilst the former does not? If that is the case, I probably would opt for the second option, spending a bit more initially, but not having to reinvest whenever Dorico 4 is launched.

Anyhow, I will open up a ticket with AskNet. In the meantime I would very much like to be able to receive the time-limited license as I do need to work on some arrangements and am already fed up for too long with the notation software that I currently use.

Thanks again,

Hello @dspreadbury
Sorry for my question, but I am new here.
In the summer sale thread you wrote the following.

Even better, if you buy Dorico Pro 3.5 or Dorico Elements 3.5 during this promotion, you will be eligible for a free grace period update to the corresponding version of Dorico 4 when it is released later in the year. So not only do you save on the purchase price of your license now, you will get the Dorico 4 update for free. Click the appropriate link below to add your desired product to your shopping cart:

I haven’t read or found anything about it anywhere.
If you can confirm this for me again, I’ll go shopping right away and then look forward to Dorico

No, in fact any new Dorico 3.5 license activated after the start of the promotion, even if it was not bought in the promotion, will be eligible for a grace period update to Dorico 4, so you can buy the edu crossgrade with confidence.


Yes, I confirm that if you purchase and activate a new Dorico 3.5 license on or after 25 August, you will be eligible for a grace period update to Dorico 4 when it is released later in the year.

Thanks a lot for your quick replay.
Than i have to go shoping now :smiley:

I don’t think this part of the website has ever worked. I had the same issue 2 years (maybe 3) when I bought Dorico. In the end paid full price even though I had 2 eligible x-grade products at the time.

The VAT feature doesn’t work either. You’re supposed to be able to enter your VAT / GST number and not have it charge you sales tax if it’s a business expense.