Eliminate Mix Console Focus

Please eliminate the Mix Console Focus. The concept of a mixer channel focus which is separate from channel selection makes no sense, serves no purpose, is inconsistent with fader movement by other means, and causes confusion. It should be eliminated.

For example, it leads to problems like this:

  1. I select Channel 1 in the mix console.
  2. I click on the Channel 2 fader with my mouse and move it.
  3. Channel 1 is still selected in both the arrange window and the mixer console.
  4. I press ‘M’ on my keyboard to mute the selected channel.

Which channel would you think gets muted? Wrong :slight_smile:. Channel 2 gets muted. This is because clicking on the fader in step 2 changed the focus to channel 2 while channel 1 remained selected. If I move a fader by any other means, for example by my control surface or the mouse wheel, the focus doesn’t change, so the current behavior makes no sense.


This one is seriously disturbing and adds nothing to the MixConcole workflow (at least, in my case…). Being a rather new C10 user (it wasn’t existing in 6.5.5), I’ve been trapped several times with it during the last two months, applying a command to the focused channel, thinking that I was doing it on the selected one. Added to this : the ‘selected’ state follows the ‘focused’ one when using only the keyboard but it doesn’t when using the mouse. Why ?

I should let beside for now the strange colour display of it, but still : sometimes it appears red all around the strip panel, sometimes the panel is displayed only partially surrounded, sometimes it appears white…

At the end, I have now to be very caucious about what is ‘selected’ and what is ‘in focus’ to use correctly the MixConsole : a wasting time ‘feature’ that is not even correctly documented.

Verified. Interestingly, pressing Mute button on the CC121 mutes channel 1 (as the OP wants). However, pressing M shortcut key on computer keyboard does in fact (wrongly) control un-highlighted channel 2. Inconsistent.

+1 Yes.

When I posted this, I debated whether to post it as a feature request or a bug report. It’s a request to change something that might be intentional, so it seems like a feature request in that respect. On the other hand, the way it works is so obviously wrong, that it really is a bug that needs to be fixed. It makes the simple operation of muting tracks a serious headache.