eliminate one staff of a keyboard part

I have a piano part which then switches to piano left hand on the piano, and right hand on a synth.

Ideally, I’d love to just have top staff of the piano part switch to being synth (for playback as well as notation). Is there a way to do that?

Or… if not, how can I delete the bottom staff of the synth part, so at least there will only be one extraneous staff?


Right click on the bass clef staff at the point you want to remove it, Staff–Remove Staff.

The alternative is to use Dorico’s new independent voice playback to give you synth sounds on the existing piano stave.

Ooh - THAT’S what I want. Can you say more about how I do that, or at least how I find it in the manual “independent voice playback” did not do it!

You can read about it in the Dorico 3 Version History PDF.

never mind - figured it out! That’s great. The only thing I still struggle with is understanding how to know what voice I’m looking at, say, in write mode. (I successfully created a new up-stem voice and changed the playback for it, but how am I supposed to know it’s up-stem voice 2 by looking at it?)

Thanks Dan, got it. Still a bit confused about working w/ voices in Dorico, but probably I just have to do the reading!

You can see what voice a note is in by selecting it and hitting Return to show the caret. This will show you the voice direction and index with the indicator at the bottom left of the caret. In the forthcoming update there will be a read-out in the status bar when you select a single note, which will be more immediate.

Excellent, thank you! I am stupidly excited about the update (and every update - they’ve all been so awesome)

You can also ID different voices for a player by color if you set that option in the View menu.