Eliminate the "resize mode" of the object selection tool.

When I’m zoomed out and try to select several MIDI parts with the object selection tool, the cursor invariably changes from a pointer to a “resize mode” with two vertical bars (see screenshot below from Cubase 7, although this also happens in Cubase 8). This prevents me from dragging the parts like I want. In Cubase 5 and earlier, the resize mode of the selection tool is only active when the tool is placed directly on the edge of a part, and when zoomed out, the selection mode is always favored over the resize mode. Please eliminate this resize mode of the object selection tool, or at least restore the Cubase 5 and earlier behavior, in which the selection mode is favored over the resize mode in cases of ambiguity.

Yes can we make the resize tool and the time based tool a separate tool for the selector tool please.