eliminate "to Instrument" in percussion staves?

I have multiple instruments on one percussion staff. Every time it changes to a different instrument it has two labels, first “to inst” (like “to triangle”) and then the inst name (“triangle”) at the next entrance.

This gets to be too much in some places where the changes are close together, can I control when “to instrument” is used and not use it as I choose?

You can’t directly control it, but if you switch to Engrave mode and select those labels you can control what they contain, e.g. changing them to be empty, via the Properties panel.

Works, Thanks! Is there a sign post for it? It doesn’t have a text sign post… Once I make it empty, I can’t see where it is, in case I want to bring it back…

Thank you so very much for your care and answers!

There’s no signpost, I’m afraid, so once it’s gone, it’s gone!