Eliminating MIDI false triggers and doubles

On a periodic basis I am having some MIDI keyboards and digital drums give double notes or hits. I thought it was one particular keyboard and old drum set at first but yet another keyboard (Roland FP2 and Roland RD 600) are causing double notes.

For every note played there is a second note just a millisecond or two later - on the same note or drum note causing phasing of the samples on playback. Is there a way to eliminate these double hits after the fact? And is there a way of preventing them in the first place?

I am bringing MIDI in through a Midisport 2X2, into Cubase 6.07 (double hits occurred even back in 5), in a quadcore PC, 4 GB of RAM. The interfaces are MR816s.

Right now I go through the piano MIDI track one note at a time and delete the second hit - very time consuming.

Been covered, do a search.

Make sure there is only a single MIDI feed going to the sound source from your keyboard.

As for the drums, have you tuned your brain?

There are usually sensitivity settings on the inputting / triggering instruments on drums to prevent crosstalk or just the effect you describe although keyboards should not usually be an issue unless they are being triggered thru by midi’d pads.
You may also find some relevant settings on the drumpad makers website or forums and information of issues and usage with DAWs.

Attempted quickfix:
Goto Preferences / Midi / Midi Filters as well and see if turning off the sysex filter fixes anything. Or makes things worse.
Also try recording with the lowest quantise you can work with, check your notes and , forget where exactly in the menus, then go “delete doubles”.
The only thing there is that you can never be exactly sure whether the double deleted is the one that sounds duff as Cubase has no taste.

Check that the windows midi inputs and outputs and the direct music inputs and outputs are not both active in setup for the same device, one or the other but not both as this can give double input notes in and out.