Eliminating staff name for an instrument in one flow vs another on the same page

Hi all,

I currently have a work that uses a small degree of graphic notation. I"m using a separate flow to notate the individual graphic elements.

When I come to a new page, I want the instrument name to still display for the main staff but not for the staff that I’m using for individual elements. I was able to do this before, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do it again. Can someone help me out?



Assuming that the small staves are in a separate frame, superimposed on the main music frame, put a System Break on the downbeat of the little stave(s) (which won’t in itself do anything), then set the System Break’s Staff Labels property to None.

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Depending on how your graphic “inserts” relate to the main flow, you could also experiment with using ossias for them. (Inserted music frames are linked to the page, so if you change the main flow such that it moves on the page, the inserted frames won’t move with it, but ossias would of course.)

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oh that’s a neat idea; not sure why I didn’t think about that. It doesn’t exactly apply in this instance since these particular frames relate more to page position rather than the music, but if i were to ever have inserts linked to the music, i’ll try this out. Thanks!