eLisencer is too old -error when activating Cubse LE *SOLVED


I just needed to do a full reinstall of my Windows 7 due to hard drive failure. I’m truing to reinstall Cubase LE which came bundled, but eLisencer tells me it’s too old and needs to be updated, even though I do have the latest version and have performed the maintenance tasks that the software initializes on the first run. I have checked the version number reported by eLisencer Control Center against the latest available on Steinberg website, and they match. Installed version is

What do I do?

Now magick happened and somehow I got an email into my inbox after clicking some random buttons on my Steinberg account and on that email is an activation code that actually works CORRECTION is already used and thus cannot activate the product.

I have no idea how I did this and I find the whole activation scheme quite confusing. I would like to know what I did, because I know I might need to do this in half an year again.

Problem persists, how do I get an working activation code?

UPDATE I got it working through trial and error, so no problem anymore. A bit pain in the ass, hope it works the next time I need to do this.