Elisencer Issue After I bought CUBASE 11 Artist

So basically I bought the educational discounted Cubase 11- Artist. And thought it would all go smoothy. I purchased it, got the email with my activation code and download code and the link to the download of the software. I downloaded the Steinberg Download assistant and library. But when it came to the Elisencer bit it all kind of backfired. It said enter the activation key into the elisencer control center. But when I type it in it comes up with the error ‘currently there is no elisencer connected to your computer’ (see attached for full error message). I looked for a an hour or so on other forums and this one and it seems this is a common issue. Some people say you need the hard copy USB others say just use the soft lisence. I have tried uninstalling the elisencer control center incase mine was out of day. But still comes up with same error message. Am I doing something obviously wrong here. I am new to downloading DAW’s so maybe I missed a crucial step or something. But I never got any message when purchasing Cubase that this would be such a hassle. Or that I needed any hardcopy of a USB to make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.