Elision mark in text frame?

How can I get an elision mark inserted to accompany lyrics in a text frame?

The only way I could get it to work was cut & paste from another document (or existing lyrics in the project). It is Unicode 203F but when I try to enter that into text in a text frame the File menu pops up (Windows 10). I couldn’t get any unicode to work that has a letter as the last of the 4 digits.

Ok, I worked out a solution. I modified a little font I made called Liturgico. Pressing underscore up to 4 times will yield an increasingly longer elision mark. The long ones are centered on the selection, and they’re all zero-width, so they don’t affect the lyric spacing.

Font can be downloaded here.

@Romanos you might be able to use this?


I will gladly experiment with this!

@dan_kreider this is brilliant!

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