Elision slurs missing in D4.1?

Hello dear Forum.
When I apply a different Paragraph Style in a syllable that contains an elision [liaison] slur, it changes to a lower dash [ _ ].

I attach the screen captures.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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Yes, that does seem to be the case. And editing the syllables either side doesn’t help either.

If you select the syllable with the underscore, right-click and choose Lyrics>Edit Single Lyric, you could replace the underscore with lyricsElisionNarrow (U+E550) in a SMuFL font like Academico. You may then need to change the baseline shift for the entire syllable.

Unfortunately Academico does not have defined the character U+E550 [it appears a zero-width space]. Other SMuFL have the ElisionNarrow (Bravura Text has it), but when combined with other fonts it makes descend the baseline.

You’re right about Academico vs. Bravura Text, sorry about that. However, you can use the Edit Single Lyric dialog to highlight the entire syllable containing the elision glyph and adjust the Baseline Shift as shown in the red rectangle:

Thanks for reporting this - I’ve logged it for one of the developers to look at.


For accuracy, Academico isn’t a SMuFL font. It’s an ‘entirely normal’ text font. As noted, Bravura Text is a SMuFL music font with the bounding box reduced for use within text.

Confusingly, if you have the Finale SMuFL fonts, their “Text” variants are just text and not SMuFL…!


Ok, I will use that proceed while Dorico Team fix the bug. Thank you for the suggestion!

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