Elliptical Orbit - Chity Somapala (Padshop Pro)

Hi All,
I love the Padshop Pro so I did a piece tweaking some presets with Padshop pro.
Enjoy and Have a nice Weekend.
Thank you

I don’t know anything about Padshop Pro yet, but you put together a really nice piece with a nice mood… held my attention to the end. Nice work.

Thank you very very much.

Well…that was rather beautiful, enjoyed it, some percusion in the second half of the piece would add interest for me but…yeah…a nice piece anyway, well done, Kevin

Yeah, some percussion in the 2nd half would have been cool. But the sustained sounds and etherealness sounded really good. Can imagine it for a sci-fi game.

Hello Kevin and Jonathan,
I totally agree with you both as I had the same idea to bring in percussion. Then again all i thought was composing a piece only with Padshop Pro as there aren’t much demos of this great synth out there. You also could check my youtube channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/photographicbreath/videos?view=0
Thank you