Elusive bug: C5/C6 crash on exit

I’ve been having this problem for quite some time now, and have been testing out all possible solutions I could think of.

Cause: Loading a custom template with prepared and connected VST’s effects and routing, saving it (re-save or new file) and exiting program

Symptoms: windows Error dialog and close. This makes cubase forget the recent projects and any preferences changed in the last session. Not to mention it makes cubase look and feel unstable.

What I’ve tried:

  • re-saving the template (same problem - crash)
  • remaking the template from scratch in case the project file got corrupted (same problem - crash)
  • removing every effect/vst/vsti vendor by vendor (for example, all compressors from voxengo, all EQ’s, etc.) and re-saving the template (no single plugin is causing the crash)
  • closing the project windows before exiting cubase (same problem - crash)
  • removing/closing each vst/vsti one by one before closing the project (the last plugin removed causes the crash, no matter which plugin it is)
  • Trying the template in both C5 and C6 (same problem - crash)
  • Tried in both x64 and x86 cubase 5/6 versions (all plugins used in the template have both x64 and x86 versions) (same problem - crash)

I’d also like to mention that my PC is rock solid stable, working flawlessly on a fresh installation of win7 SP1. I also have over 12 years experience in PC, DAW software and hardware troubleshooting, so 99.99% of possible typical causes are covered. All the plugins used in the template are high end, popular, regularly updated and compatible with both x64 and x86 versions of cubase (specifically: NI kontakt, omnisphere, access virus ti).

After almost 6 months searching for the solution, I’ve found it to be caused by cubase and NOT by the plugins, but the exact cause eludes me.

Any help is appreciated.

I feel your pain, as I too, have just tried to suffer in silence :smiley:

I’ve been putting it down to Kontakt 3.5, and not releasing memory…but my only workaround is to use the file menu. close the projects, then quit from Cubase…works for me.

Cubse 6.0 demo install.
Cubase 5.5.2 both 32 bit – windows 7 Ultimate 64bit o/s.

Maybe try to remove all your VST(i)'s from the VST folder? I’m not sure if that’s what you did.
Move all those dll’s to a temporary folder, restart Cubase to make it believe there are no VSTs installed, create a new template from scratch without any VST, then bring those dll’s back in, one by one (copy paste them to their original VST folder, restart Cubase, use them in the template, save, etc).


Please disconnect all the external USB gear, and have a look if the problem is still there. This problem is caused in most cases by drivers.



Thanks for the advice, however I’m still having the same problem. I tried unplugging all USB devices except the elicencer usb key.

I essentially did the same thing during creation of template; added 1 plugin then saved and tried restarting. Problem is the crash only happens around 80-90% of the time (not always, but almost) and from what I’ve gathered, it usually needs at least some tweaking (for example turning vst’s on/off once or twice is usually enough to cause a crash after saving). I’m usually great at finding bugs and workarounds, but this bug is not consistent enough to pinpoint it’s cause that easily. Believe me, I’ve tried. :slight_smile:

Any advice is appreciated.


what happens when you take the UAD cards out of your system ?



I’ve taken it out and uninstalled the drivers. Same problem :frowning:

I should probably also mention I’ve updated all the drivers to latest version and windows critical updates. Everything else on the PC works flawlessly, including (but not limited to) cubase 6 which shows no other errors and never crashes except on exit in the mentioned scenario. As a matter of fact, this irritating problem was the main reason I reformatted and reinstalled win7 in the 1st place, thinking it might be a problem on my end, although I had no other problems with the PC. Strangely, when I open the template without saving (and as long as the autosave does not trigger) I can close it just fine. So I’m pretty sure the problem is triggered during save/autosave, but whatever I do, I can’t seem to find a workaround/fix.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Since save/autosave seems to be the problem, did you try running CB as administrator?
Right click on the CB shortcut icon and choose “Run as Administrator”
or if you want this permanently
CB Shortcut > properties > Shortcut tab > button advanced

Heres the steps I tried:

1-Removed Plug-Ins
3-Opened empty project
4-Created a few tracks with Cubase instruments
5-Saved (fortunately this works)
6-Quit application

CRASH…every single time, since I upgraded to 6.0

I get an “Application Unexpectedly Quit” message.


Thanks for the tip, but it still crashes.

Here’s the crash log in case that helps:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Cubase6.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4d6c116a
Fault Module Name: Cubase6.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4d6c116a
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00d59650
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

I have the excact same problem and I too am running with Omnisphere and Kontakt (the only VSTis I’ve installed besides my Virus TI software). Maybe that is where the problem lies?

My girlfriend just bought a Virus TI snow last week, and her Cubase is also crashing on exit now. She also has Kontakt and Omnisphere installed. She does have a ton of other VSTs too though.

Do you have the Virus software installed by any chance?

Sorry for my bad english. :slight_smile:

I too am having this issue of C6 crashing upon exit after I installed Lion and updated C6 to 6.03 on my MAC. I did not have this problem before several attempts to get rid of the HSO expired demo. I hope Steinberg is working on this issue.

Hello, my operating system is Lion OS X with C6 updates 6.1,6.2 and 6.3. For the past few days/nights I have been dealing with Cubase 6 crashing upon exiting the program. In addition to the aforementioned, Tonight I realized the problem may be the MEDIA BAY, LOOP BROWSER, LOOP MASH portion of the Cubase program. Well, I decided not to use the Media Bay/LoopMash etc., feature and closed the program. To my surprise there were no crashes. I will continue to see if this success continues. :astonished:

I never use any of those and it still crashes on exit :confused:

Same problem here,
Last days I got heavy session to handle (many audio tracks and VSTi ), sometimes I couldn open Kontakt player and one time out of 2 I’ve crash on exit. I think VSTi is the problem. Never meet this problem with CUBASE 4, somebody at Steinberg should do something about it. MAy be the update of Kontakt will solved the problem.

Earlier in this thread I mentioned I had resolved my issue of crashing during exiting in Cubase 6.5. Well, the problem is back in Cubase 7.01. Since installing Cubase 7, according to the computer report, I have had approximately 25 crashes. I am perplexed by reading of this same incident by so many other forum members. Does anyone know if Steinberg is addressing this issue? I too was wrongly informed that the problem is “Third Party Plugins”. There is only one problem. I have never installed third party plugins in my iMac system. My computer is completely clean of any Bootlegged or pirated versions of any program. I have 12 G’s of memory installed. I recently installed a new hard drive

MESSAGE TO STEINBERG/YAMAHA: I have been with Cubase since the beginning, I’m talking about Cubase 2.0 for the 1040/520 Atari ST. I endured the hard years of VST 3.5. I had a minor problem with C6.5 that was resolved. I love the concept of C7.01, but this is utterly ridiculous that we should continue to pay more for updates that only cause heart ache and set back. Because of this serious anomaly my workflow is suffering. I’ve written support forms to the techs, suggested by this forum, who only write back with a “Kiss Off”, never a resolve. I have a lot invested in Yamaha/Steinberg products and I generally have good things to say. Come on, give us a response or throw in a hardware device of our choice for free. That doesn’t seem right does it? Well neither does it seem right that we are becoming victims of large software and hardware conglomerates who only care of bigger empires suited for the modern day “Shoguns of Japan”. SAY SOMETHING STEINBERG!!! WHAT?, WHAT? :imp:

This reply is an addendum of my last post. One of the forum members suggested starting the Cubase 7 program without any songs created to see if Cubase would crash on exit. Well, I loaded a template and added 6 blank audio tracks, no data recorded, no VST’S selected, just empty tracks. I saved the template and closed the program only to discover the same crash. It’s Cubase 7.01 not VST’s or third party plugins.

Okay, I will grant Steinberg this grace: Steinberg informed us when C7 was released that it had not been fully tested. Okay, we will wait again. :unamused:

Please NO version 8 until you get your S**T :blush: together and this problem fixed.

Regarding the crashes I experienced I contacted the SUPPORT TECH TEAM via the support form. I was given a few suggestions that were previously attempted and did not work. To see if the problem still occurred, the tech informed me to use the BUILT IN sound card of my iMac instead of the MR816X interface. To my amazement, there were No crashes. I guess I should assume the problem is with my MR816X AUDIO HARDWARE. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for the next episode: “What’s wrong with the MR816?”

Anyone else having this problem of crashing may want to try out the above possible fix.

Okay, I’m gonna have to apologize for comments I made about C7. I could have erased my statement, but I will let it stand. My crashing at exit issues have been resolved. In my last message I explained that the tech support team advised me to cut the MR816 off and use the “Built in” audio of the iMac. Well, it’s clear now. The problem was the FW drivers of the MR816. I uninstalled the drivers from my iMac and reinstalled the updated drivers. All is working well if anyone is haviving this crashing at exit issue it may not be third party Plugins, but the audio interface and drivers. It’s not Cubase 7. I digress.

I love a happy ending!