Email Activation Link For Mystainberg

I have purchaesed An Audio Interface, Alesis iO4, 2 days back. The product contains free download and activation of Cubase LE. For this when I have visited the website,, it asked for registration of Email ID. While creating the account, I have given my email id, which I nomally use. And then, it told that I will get an Actiavtion of email link, within a moment. But I did not geo any link. I have tried the resend option around 5/6 time, but did not got any activation link. But whenever I am trying to Log in it says, “Please activate your account first”. I do not understand, if I am not getting any actiavtion link, How do I activate my account? And there is a button showing for send the activaion link again.

Please tell me, how can I get the activation link. My email id is:

One more thing, the actiavtion process is reaaly, bed, as I have to write in the forum for solution. there is no customer care / support people direct email or contact details given. In India all the websites we have, does not have this kind of rediculous problem.

Waiting for the reply.
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Raju Saha

Sometimes the email from Steinberg goes to your “Spam” folder. Have you checked there?

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Yes already checked that. My spam folder is absolutely clean. I have deleted all the spam mails from the folder. After cleaning the spam folder, again I pressed the resend activation link. Still waiting. Please look in to the matter

Well… I hope someone from Steinberg can check for you. I can’t as I am just a forum member (like yourself).

Good luck. :wink:

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Can somebody please provide me the contact details of the Steinberg People?

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