Email from Asknet about the grace period update

This morning I finally got an email from Asknet about the free Summer Sale update and I have two questions.

(1) I already have Dorico 4 up and running with help from dspreadbury on this forum. Do I need to do anything with this new email? (2) The email from Asknet refere to a “Download Access Code,” but the only thing in my Asknet account is an “Activation Code.” Does that mean that my license is still not updated?

No, you don’t need to do anything further now that you’re up and running.

The confusion about whether or not you see “Activation Code” or “Download Access Code” on the order page on the AskNet site relates to whether the original product you bought was delivered as an Activation Code or as a Download Access Code. If you were originally sent an Activation Code (eight blocks of four alphanumeric characters), then it will say Activation Code for the new Dorico 4 grace period code, even though the new code will always be a Download Access Code (five blocks of five alphanumeric characters). This is a limitation in how the AskNet site is able to deliver these codes, I’m afraid.

Thanks. I just wanted to confirm that there was nothing else to do.