Email from ProSoundWeb about Nuage but the link isn't workin

Just got an email from ProSoundWeb and the top headliner
was about Nuage and Yamaha’s new enhancements to Nuage.
The link doesn’t work. (Pulls up a page talking about errors)

This doesn’t look good guys.
It is the only link that doesn’t work.


How can there be new enhancements if the product isn’t even in stores yet?

AFAIK, a handfull of Nuages are already in use by customers.
Of which one is installed at our facilities.


The link is working now today.
Wow, $18,000.00 for a basic system.
Steinberg need to raise the price of their software now.
Seems silly to invest over $20,000.00 in hardware,
(probably more like $30,000.00-$50,000.00 for bigger post houses)
when the software is only what…$2,000.00
Something seems amiss there.

I think they mean that a fader section + control section = a basic set.
That would be in correspondence with the pricing I’ve seen everywhere else.