Email notifications?

As I said in the other thread on this same topic, the forum notification you describe is generated from a forum subscription, which would not contain a link to a post, only to the forum itself, so there is nothing missing from the url. Topic notifications, on the other hand, carry the link to the subscribed topic.

I think the other issues you have described, Mark,can be chalked up to this problem where all notifications are sent late- some more late than others! :wink: This can explain why there are no unread posts in the thread when you arrive via clicking a link in your email, the post the notification refers to is already days-old.

I have reported the problem to the forum admins.

Thanks so much, steve… I know you’re busy.

But here is an example that fails to follow that logic!

Much appreciate that you’ve kindly asked the admins to look into this; and completely understand about the delays. It’s a sign of success :slight_smile:. I’ve taken to using my CP for all recent posts now.

Hello again Mark, I’m afraid we’re talking at cross purposes- the image you post here is the self-same image that I used in my attempt to explain that forum notifications do not come with links to specific topics.

I’ll unsubscribe from these threads now. The issue is in the hands of people at a higher pay grade than I, so let’s give it some time.

Yes - thanks, Steve!

Apologies if I wasn’t clear: the lower half of that grab showed that it was a topic to which I was subscribed.

I appreciate your explanations; something changed, though: I used to get full URL notifications regardless of how and what I was subscribed to. Good luck!

just now I received a notification email about a new answer in a thread I am subscribed to. The email dates from the 1st of June – so it is one week late. And I am not subscribed to the topic anymore – and have not been for a couple of days. And of course there has not been any update to the topic since then…

The same happened this morning. I received a notification on the 9th June 08:43 about a new reply in a topic I am watching. If I go to that thread the message is actually from the 5th of June 10:14

05 Jun 2018 10.14.png


I suspect we may have to be prepared to put this down to the success of Steinberg atm and the huge interest in Dorico 2… quite happy to do that :slight_smile:.

Email is being delayed; both Daniel and -steve- have said they’re experiencing it; and -steve- has asked the forum admins to take a look.

It can be got round by using this link to one’s own unread (although that’s not 100% accurate) threads.

Of greater concern in my case is the fact that the notifications quite often (but not invariably) fail to include the full URL to threads/topics (and the Forum/Fora) to which I am definitely subscribed. I use that same link and scroll down my Notifications. Good luck!

In case anyone is still following this, I just now got an email notification of Mark’s comment of three weeks ago, June 9.

Whatever’s wrong still isn’t fixed.

It appears as though the good and busy (overworked?) folk at Steinberg updated the phpBB software which runs this forum just under two months ago. And that two bugs seem to have been introduced - through no fault of those responsible for maintaining the forums, for which we are all grateful, to be sure.

Email notifications of ‘new’ threads, ‘new’ posts are now taking up to six weeks to arrive in at least half a dozen users’ inboxes.

Sometimes these notifications contain only the base URL of the Steinberg forum and not the arguments/parameters to take you to the particular thread or post, whether or not you are subscribed to them.

A thread was started in the right place to help identify the faults and ask for a remedy - in staff’s own good time, and bearing in mind that this is not Steinberg’s own software! And that the forum is an ‘extra’ provided by people who are already doing a terrific job with multiple products and services. Thank you!

Is both cases, the easy workaround is to use the Notifications link top right of every page.

Is that what most forum users have ended up doing? Does everyone get delayed notifications? Or could it be a phenomenon experienced by a minority?

Getting a sense of the scale of the bugs may help Steinberg staff take another look (-steve- has been very helpful on this; thanks!) when they get time.

What’s the consensus, please?

I’ve merged this new topic into the existing one, since there’s no need to start a new thread about it.

I believe everybody is affected by the delay in email notification. I don’t think there’s any need for a survey of who is affected and who is not. For my part, I am still certainly receiving email notifications days and sometimes weeks later than would be idea.

Six weeks is an accurate delay. At least, that is what I get.

Thank you, Daniel…

My motive was a hope of a concentrated look at the malfunctions since nothing has been done in two months.

Would you suggest we work at ways of accommodating the state of affairs as best we can; or is there someone tasked with troubleshooting it?

I will ask the support team what the status of the issue is, but in the meantime you don’t have any choice but to work with the current state of affairs!

Great. Thanks. If that support team knows about it and is working to remedy things, that’s good news indeed.

I was just a little puzzled that quite so much time has gone by. Normally everything there gets fixed pretty quickly.

Good luck to them :slight_smile:

Today a get literally bombarded with email notifications.
About one every 2 seconds!
In a short time I have received about 40 emails.
This can’t go on like this!
What is wrong, what is to be done?

Yes, I’m getting them by the thousand now.

Not the end of the world; it’s tempting to say, “Better late than never”.

But if anyone responsible for the forum is reading this and can assure us it’s a temporary aberration, that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I think what’s going on is that whatever has been causing notifications to be delayed has finally been fixed, and now you’re getting all the ones that have been queued up since May. I imagine the flood will subside when the backlog has been cleared. But I’m afraid I’ve had no communication from my colleagues about what’s going on: my advice would be to ride it out, delete the notifications, and I think you will find that everything will be OK shortly.

Great; appreciated, Daniel!

Please thank them for fixing it :slight_smile:

thank you!

Yeah, I also got a bunch of emails at once today and figured as much.

Even though it’s late to say this but you can also specify to get notified by the forum’s internal notification indicator at the top. So, if you’re online everyday anyway, you’ll see the new replies at the top right away instead of having to wait for emails.