Email notifications?

Yes, I’m getting them by the thousand now.

Not the end of the world; it’s tempting to say, “Better late than never”.

But if anyone responsible for the forum is reading this and can assure us it’s a temporary aberration, that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I think what’s going on is that whatever has been causing notifications to be delayed has finally been fixed, and now you’re getting all the ones that have been queued up since May. I imagine the flood will subside when the backlog has been cleared. But I’m afraid I’ve had no communication from my colleagues about what’s going on: my advice would be to ride it out, delete the notifications, and I think you will find that everything will be OK shortly.

Great; appreciated, Daniel!

Please thank them for fixing it :slight_smile:

thank you!

Yeah, I also got a bunch of emails at once today and figured as much.

Even though it’s late to say this but you can also specify to get notified by the forum’s internal notification indicator at the top. So, if you’re online everyday anyway, you’ll see the new replies at the top right away instead of having to wait for emails.